Before we can upgrade our habits of dealing with pressure, we first must be aware of them. This month, I invite you to investigate that which you will find most fascinating –yourself. For the next thirty days, notice the moments you feel most pressured or stressed. Notice the types of situations that make you want to contract or explode. Take note of the people who trigger the frustration, worry, sadness or anxiety in you. Forget the story line, the he said she said, and just neutrally observe. Notice your reactions—your thoughts, emotions, moods, behaviors and the way your body and energy field responds. Forget the judgments of yourself and others. Imagine as a researcher that there are 500 people waiting to hear what you have discovered so they can learn from your experience. Stick to the facts of what is and write them down in a journal. You don’t have to do anything about any insights that may emerge. Just observe and take notes. Remember to treat yourself with compassion and kindness and don’t forget your sense of humor.

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