Watch this musical video when you need to shift your mood. It’s bound to put a smile on your face.

From time to time, amid the conflicts, disasters and dissociation of our modern world, I hear of something extraordinary that touches my heart, opens my mind and makes me say, “Wow.”

This first offering is of Beyonce singing I Was Here at the 2012 Humanitarian Conference. Can you image the amount of energy that must have been streaming through her system as she sings to the huge crowd of people in this auspicious room? Watch how she handles it; how she digs down deep to find her roots and spreads her wings to become as big as the job. Watch the video playing behind her of the rescuers and those who help the sick and starving, and you’ll see what is possible when pressure becomes an ally. Think about the song’s message of who you can be and the meaning your life can possess if you show up fully and decide to make it so. Make it so.

When we create distinctions between them vs. us, we create workplaces that are stressful. In my book Stress Less Achieve More, I suggest instead that we create an inclusive kindness revolution. It starts with each one of us and then builds to create a kindness network as positive vibes get spread. If you want some inspiration, watch this video. You just might have your mind blown and your heart deeply touched!

We can’t fully talk about pressure and stress without including a conversation on gratitude. A friend recently turned me on to Louie Schwartzberg’s Ted Talk . Beyond being visually extraordinaire, when the old man says, “This is not just any day, this is the one day you were given today, ” my attention heightened. See for yourself. This is definitely a WOW!!

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