“Aimee worked with our leadership team to help us maximize our working sessions via Mindfulness-in -Action exercises. The results were very encouraging as we were able to engage, contribute and innovate in a more cohesive and sustainable way.”
– Marcelo Fumasoni, V.P. Human Resources Novartis Latin America

“Aimee has a way of thinking that brings new insight into what seems like every day events, but is really the essence of a modern life. Her work on bringing positive energy into living is worth a wide audience.”
– Peter Block, Author, Consultant Stewardship: Choosing Service Over Self-Interest

“I couldn’t believe the personal transformation in some of the people that attended your program. I saw a difference right away in their attitude, self esteem, and energy level.”
– Nancy Rehbine-Zentis ,CEO Institute of Organization Development

“By the way, I never told you how much our final session helped me. I knew that if I gave myself time to calm down and process what you were saying, your advice would work! And it has! Just yesterday, Mary Ann commented on the change! I’m working hard on occupying a big space and projecting in a positive way as opposed to shrinking. And I’m having fun doing it! So THANK YOU!”
– Cindy Drankowski, Former V.P Human Resources Chanel USA

“Thank you for an amazing workshop yesterday. I am so impressed that you got each and every one of us to experience centeredness in such a meaningful way. I look forward to integrating these practices in my work.”
– Patty Gallagher, Crothers HR Consulting, LLC NJODN participant June 2015

“Aimee’s a fun, motivating and highly experienced facilitator. Her holistic approach to leadership development was a big hit with our group.”
– Rob Rogers, President for the Greater Orlando Organization Development Network

“After an unsatisfying interchange with my boss, you know one of those where your heart rate goes up, I travel to my usual reactive place of reviewing my conduct and wondering what I did wrong. As I catch myself in my old pattern, I shift. I then go within to sense and dialogue with the energies coming through me, I feel myself growing large and more relaxed. What began as a negative journey that could have drained me needlessly for hours, changes as I become present in my life right now. My work with Aimee and the energies around us have brought me new life…from reactive to creative.”
– Sharon Miller, Senior City Attorney, Fort Lauderdale

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